SOLAR+Space elements for EEVEE


SOLAR+Space elements for EEVEE


Hi everybody,

I'm Gerox and welcome to my special 3D World!

I've created a unique and helpful pack for 3D modelling of the space that is very easy to use.
It's specially optimized for EEVEE Rendering, I recommend it for quick work.

The pack contains different scenes, models and elements, such as meteorite, planet, galaxy, etc.
They can be converted quickly and easily customized.

Notes, tutorials, and renderings can also be found.

Hope you will find this pack useful too.

Enjoy it!

- 33 Scenes and Projects + 4k Videos
- Pdf Tutorial: Meteorit, Planet, Nebula, Stars - World Shaders
- Planet Variations
- Wormhole Variations
- Sun Model and Scene
- Geometry Nodes: Planet and Meteroit (Blender 3.1)
- Assets Video Tutorial
- Extra Clouds Project
- Solar Model and Scenes
- Star Variations (World Shaders)

1.31 GB
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